MOTD Designer

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Preview your Message of the Day

  • Enter text into the input area above to prepare your message
  • Select some text to change colour. Once selected, this will appear in the colour picker dialog in the bar below.
    If no text is selected, the text colour will be changed from that point onward
  • Use the colour picker to select the desired text colour. The text will adjust to suit the colour
  • Click the + button to insert colour code to the text
  • To start a new line/paragraph, place cursor in desired location then click the button
  • Click the ⇤ ⇹ ⇥ buttons to change text justification
  • Click the button to undo the last change
  • Click SHARE to create a link to this site and QR code. The text will also be copied to the clipboard. Note that larger QR links are unlikely to be readable